10 things you need to know about worms and your pets

By Naomi O Connell RVN, Henry Street Vets       


10 things you need to know about worms and your pets

  1. Your pet may not show any signs of worms

Some people may be surprised to know that often there may be no discernible signs of worms in their pets. Dogs can be host to a large number of intestinal or lung worms without showing any direct signs of poor health. Regardless of this deceptive good health, the worms can be the cause of acute issues. The lack of obvious signs of worms in dogs is the key reason why your veterinary team will recommend regular de-worming, even when your pets appear to be in good health. 

  1. Symptoms of worms in dogs can be varied and life threatening

A wide variety of symptoms of worms can be observed in dogs, including weight loss, voracious appetite, gastro-intestinal disturbances (for example diarrhoea or vomiting), a poor coat, or a pot-bellied appearance. Worms are generally linked to minor signs of poor health in dogs, but unfortunately there are few instances where life threatening sickness can be caused by a heavy burden of worms.