Boost and Protect Vaccinations

Dr. Kathy Enright
Veterinary Surgeon Rockhall Veterinary

Half the dogs in Ireland, and an even greater number of cats, are behind with their vaccinations due to Coronavirus. Pets with lapsed booster vaccinations may be vulnerable to infectious diseases.

To help our pet owners in the area protect their dogs and cats from such diseases, Rockhall Vets, with branches at Clare Street, Shannon, Monaleen Vets and Henry Street announced the launch of a new Boost and Protect offer, to help those who couldn’t vaccinate in the last 12 months.

Once puppies or kittens are given their primary vaccinations, they require annual booster injections to keep them protected. If the interval between their vaccinations significantly runs over however, then the pet may no longer be protected with just one booster vaccination. This has occurred especially due to this COVID crisis.

As part of the Boost and Protect offer, Rockhall Vets Clare Street, Shannon, Henry Street & Monaleen will give overdue pets a new primary vaccination course for the cost of a single booster vaccination. That is correct, you pay for the first vaccination and we’ll cover the cost of the second.

Vaccination reminders are sent out when boosters are due, but these can arrive at busy times, whilst self-isolating or quarantining or when there are other financial pressures. Also, during this current crisis vaccination services were not permitted during the first lockdown, so we have a lot of pets whose vaccines may have lapsed during this time.

The aim of the offer is to help our pet owners who could not have their pets vaccinated due to the COVID crisis or who may have forgotten about their next booster or have been too busy to bring their pet in to the practice, allowing them the chance to repeat their pet’s first jab while also getting the booster at no extra charge.

Vet Dr. Kathy Enright said: “The Boost and Protect offer is a way to get your pet’s vaccination status back up to date at minimal cost whilst also getting the included health assessment to see all is well with your pet.” 

We know it can be difficult to find the time or the money to come into practice for booster vaccinations, and even more so now due to this COVID crisis and so we wanted to make it easier for pet owners to protect their pets against potentially fatal diseases. We hope the offer will prove popular with pet owners in the area.” The Boost and Protect offer is only available until the end of April so make sure you get your pet fully protected soon!