First Aid Kits & Poisons First Aid Kits

By Kathy Enright

In case of an emergency always keep a pet first aid kit. Keeping these items close at hand allows us to direct you in an emergency.

Get a bag or box and in that place a business card for your veterinary surgeon.

                                  Clare Street 06141510                     Shannon 061472161

Also on this record put your pets vaccination record and a copy of any veterinary prescriptions or supplements that your pet maybe on.

Basic First-Aid Supplies:

  • Kennel/pet carrier or nylon leash for safe transport and confinement of pet
  • A leash, a muzzle and/or pair of tights. Only use if the animal is being aggressive, but care if vomiting etc.
  • A large towel/blanket that can be used as a stretcher if required and wipe down potential products that your pet have come in contact with.
  • Sterile saline solution for flushing eyes, & an ear safe cleaning solution
  • A thermometer and vaseline
  • Washing soda crystals/3% solution of hydrogen peroxide
  • Alcohol wipes and bandage material, cotton wool, adhesive tape, non-stick gauze pads, splints
  • Glucogel/Karo syrup/Honey/Maple syrup, for treatment of hypoglycaemia in a Diabetic pet
  • Piriton liquid or tablet form.
  • 1 x tin of tasty cat/dog food and a couple of pet treats
  • Chlorhexidine, washing soda crystals and hydrogen peroxide 3% -wound preparation, induce emesis
  • Liquid hand soap without a bleach additive
  • A scissors and a nail clippers
  • An oral dosing syringe
  • Penlight or torch
  • gloves

Always speak with your veterinary surgeon before administering anything to your pet, but having all these products and telephone numbers at the ready will allow you and your vet to act really fast and deal with whatever situation arises.  Never administer washing soda/hydrogen peroxide to a pet without speaking with a veterinary professional first, as sometimes especially with poisons containing bleach it is not appropriate to induce vomiting at home. As the bleach will just burn the oesophagus again as it is expelled. Never administer any over-the-counter human medications either, I refer you to our blog about human medications and our pets.